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AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone


  • Audio
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 150 dB
  • Sensitivity: 24 mV/Pa
  • The low-mass diaphragm delivers a clear sound with accurate sonic detail for vocals, speech and instrument recording in project studios and for home recording
  • Current<= 3 mA


AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone Bundle with Knox Gear Desktop Boom Scissor Arm Stand, Shock Mount, & Pop Filter (4 Items)


  • Bundle Includes: AKG P120 High Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone, Knox Gear Basic Microphone Shock Mount, Knox Gear Microphone Suspension Heavy Boom Scissor Arm (Black), and Knox Gear Pop Filter (Medium)
  • High-quality: This 2/3-inch diaphragm microphone delivers clear sound with accurate sound detail so it’s great for vocals, speech, and instrument recording
  • Versatile: The AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone is perfect for both studio and home recording use
  • Durable: Whether you’re laying down vocal or instrumental tracks or recording a podcast, you can count on the P120 High Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone. It features a durable all metal body and robust design to withstand heavy day-to-day use
  • Switchable Bass Cut Filter: Thanks to its switchable bass-cut filter and attenuation pad, the P120 is perfectly suited for use on loud sound sources. It’s great for audio applications where sound pressure levels are up to 155dB SPL

Compare pros of general purpose recording products

When you buy something and it’s not as good as you thought, or worse still-you spend a lot of money on something only to find out there’s an even better product.

That’s why I’m here to show you all the top general purpose recording products and compare the features in one post. Different product variations and features that you just can’t make up your mind.

We’ll walk through the steps of how to get the most value from a purchase by identifying what you’re buying.





    Sense of Purpose



      The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids


        After-sales service is very important. Many companies are able to provide good-quality general purpose recording products, but few can give you the best after-sales service.

        A good shop must have first-class after-sales service. In this way, you do not have to worry about the problems that may be encountered in the subsequent use of the general purpose recording product.


        The Studio Recordings Anthology



          Fuji HQ VHS T-120 (4 pack)


          • FUJI High Quality VHS Tape
          • T-120
          • General Purpose
          • High quality video tape with high duability
          • 4 Pack

          As a customer, you want to be confident that when you buy a general purpose recording product, it will meet your expectations.

          You may not have the time or knowledge to check every detail of every general purpose recording product before buying it, so it’s important to choose reliable retailers who sell good quality general purpose recording products.

          By doing this, you can rest assured that you’re getting what you expect, and won’t have to worry about returning or exchanging unwanted items. Happy shopping!


          The PurposeGirl Podcast: Empowering women to live their purpose with courage, joy, and fierce self-love.



            Death and the Purpose of Existence


              It seems as though almost everyone needs a general purpose recording products retailer 

              You can find somebody selling something on eBay, at a garage sale, or even on the side of the road. While there are many benefits to selling products and services, there are also some risks associated with this type of business. If you’re thinking about becoming a retailer, here are some things you need to know.

              There are endless possibilities when it comes to retail goods and services, so take your time and think about what would be the best fit for you. Once you’ve decided on a niche, it’s time to start researching your competition.


              Music Score Writing Notation Composition Windows Mac PC Computer Software


              • MuseScore’s main purpose is the creation of high-quality engraved musical scores in a “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” environment.
              • t supports unlimited staves, linked parts and part extraction, tablature, MIDI input, percussion notation, cross-staff beaming, automatic transposition, lyrics (multiple verses), fretboard diagrams, and in general everything commonly used in sheet music.
              • Style options to change the appearance and layout are available, and style sheets can be saved and applied to other scores. There are pre-defined templates for many types of ensembles. Functionality can be extended by making use of the many freely available plugins.
              • MuseScore can also play back scores through the built-in sequencer and SoundFont sample library. Multiple SoundFonts can be loaded into MuseScore’s synthesizer. There is a mixer to mute, solo, or adjust the volume of individual parts, and chorus, reverb and other effects are supported during playback.


              Rivers In The Wasteland


              • Needtobreathe- Rivers in the Wasteland

              Gives information on the general purpose recording product. general purpose recording products that can be purchased online, it is not possible to see and use the general purpose recording product, so you have to buy your favorite general purpose recording product.

              It is important to consider the price of the general purpose recording product, warranty and guarantee that you have bought with this money.

              Buy general purpose recording products used by famous people such as actors and actresses. This way you can be sure that the general purpose recording product is good and has no problem.

              This is a review article. In this article I will write about some good general purpose recording products that have been purchased from Amazon.


              The Full On Purpose Podcast-Helping women with ADHD discover their identity in christ through boundaries, communication, and the Enneagram



                Medical Face Mask with Earloop-3Ply, Blue , 6.7”x 3.5”(17X9cm) ,50 Pcs/Box


                • 3 layer construction, top and liner layers are PP non-woven, middle layer is high performance filter cloth.
                • Meet the standard: ASTM F2100-19 Level 1. PFE (filtration efficiency for non-oily particles) & BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥95%.
                • Low respiratory resistance, free of odor and stimulation.
                • Ultrasonic welding process, comfortable wearing experience
                • These masks are class II medical devices, and are intended for use by operating room personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and the medical personnel from transfer of microorganisms, bodily fluid, and particulate material.
                • Manufactured by Winner Medical Co.

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                Online shopping is the easiest way to find anything you need. The convenience of shopping from home or on your phone, combined with the huge selection available online makes it an unbeatable experience. Not only can you get what you’re looking for quickly and easily, but buying online often has lower prices than in stores.

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                For Screening Purposes Only


                  We consider all of those for you before selecting the general purpose recording products from the Internet. We try our best to explore and know the information of general purpose recording products.

                  We nearly check all general purpose recording products on the market to analyze their price and different features. And we read both good and bad customers’ reviews from the Internet to confirm what we choose is worthy to buy really at its price.

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